Step One

Two ways to download the app; Text “OnSpot” to 55958 and follow the link to install the app, or download from the website. From there you create your user profile and begin viewing your offers.

Step Two

Featured advertisements can be uploaded and ready at a moment’s notice depending on time and user preferences. OnSpot is able to display multiple banners and push relevant messages based on more precise targeting.

Step Three

Detailed catalog and menu options, or a slide show with related information can be displayed for each distinct location. Users can browse full page slides, view categories, add filters and specify custom sorting options to quickly locate and choose desired product.

Step Four

Engage and enhance your guests experience with your customized and relevant content, with smart messages based on more precise targeting. Convert and drive more sales conversations based on customer preferences and detailed location history. Build loyalty by providing value-added information and promotional opportunities to your best customers while they are on the go with the most up-to-date location profiles.,