Posted on: November 18th, 2012

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It seems as though every year, Christmas gets a little more technologically based, and a little more digitally innovative. Well, this year is no different; marketers and companies are selling an amazing array of wonderful goods and digital tools that are made to benefit your life and bring you fun and joy.


One example of this, that would make a great Christmas gift idea, is a smart phone. These phones do more than just make calls; in fact, that’s one of the last focuses of the phone, as it’s more of a pocket laptop! Many of these smart phones are equipped with GPS, internet, 3G service, mobile apps, and a whole lot more to make your life easier through navigation, information, and communication tools.


At any point in time, these phones know your exact geo-location on the globe, and can tell you an amazing amount of information about where you are, what is near you, and how you can get from point A to point B in the most efficient manner. The amount of knowledge that these phones carry within them is both staggering and amazing, at the same time!


Plus, marketers and companies have now realized just how valuable these phones can be for marketing and selling products, and have begun to use location-based marketing, and offering great deals to mobile customers.


Location-based marketing works to give short time offers and deals to customers who are within the geofence location of a particular business. That is, if you are within a certain radius of a business in operation, and your phone can track your location, deals and offers pop up from that business for you to patronize.


What can be better than that? Imagine it: you’re walking along, with your phone quietly tracking your geo-location. All of a sudden, you get pinged – there’s a pizza place nearby that is offering a great deal, and you can get in on it because you’re close by and within the geo-fence range of the restaurant. Score!


Smart phones work wonders, especially with the location-based marketing tools now available to customers seeking the best prices and great products. And the best part is, none of it is annoying, or peddling, or sleazy. It’s all deals and offers on your terms, on your smart phone, and with the products you want and need.


So when you’re looking for a good Christmas gift this year, go mobile! Smart phones are here to stay, and they’re the most innovative and cost-effective that they have ever been, making it the perfect Christmas gift idea.

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